At Greengrass Wealth Management we focus on four building blocks to create long-term wealth:

CashPreservation fundsPrudent growth fundsLong term growth funds

To further enhance our investment plan, the following fund or asset types are used in calculating the required growth to achieve your goals set out for retirement:

To view a sample of an investment plan with supporting quarterly documents:

Client “X” Proposal
Risk profile report
Demo Quarterly Report

Each plan has its own unique “targeted return %” (see page 3), which is an essential part of the plan, as it allows one to be clear on the required growth p.a., in line with the initial goals set out when first creating the plan.

Reporting is done every quarter, and the returns for that quarter are clearly illustrated. This clear illustration of growth for the quarter allows both the advisor and the client to determine if the plan is on track to achieving its long-term objectives.

This regular analysis allows for necessary changes to be made to the asset allocation or fund managers quickly and efficiently.

Investing is by no means an exact science, however the ability to measure a required return every quarter allows for more accurate reporting and the ability to detect obstacles early on.

Guide to understanding the Investment Plan

  1. To start please refer to the Client “X” Proposal document
  2. See page 3 of the investment plan – “Executive summary”.
  3. This client requires a net of R75, 000.00 pm from age 65 to age 90.
  4. In this example the client, at this stage, does not have enough funds to retire and will either need to invest more or withdraw less.
  5. On Page 26 it is advised the client withdraw only R50,000.00 pm
  6. To achieve the plan’s long term objectives, the portfolio’s targeted return has been calculated to be 11.6% (see “Investment Proposal”). This number is key to making sure the plan’s goals and objectives are achieved in the long term.
  7. Now refer to the Demo Quarterly Report
  8. On Page 3 of the demo quarterly report, the top box shows you the return since inception and the return for that quarter.
  9. In this demo the return for the quarter was 3.06%.
  10. As per point 5 above, the client requires 11.6% return. The quarter’s return was 3.06%, which would indicate that at this stage the investment is achieving its desired returns i.e. (3.06% * 4 = 12.24% pa and the required return is 11.6%).

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