In the event of your untimely death or a chronic illness, you want to
ensure that your family will be provided for.

As an authorised independent financial advisor, Greengrass Wealth Management can source competitive quotes from a wide selection of reputable insurance companies, including.

See how you can take advantage of loyalty programmes offered by these service providers

  • Discovery Life’s Vitality,
  • Momentum’s Myriad & Multiply
  • PPS Profit Share Accounts


To see how you can take advantage of loyalty programmes offered by these service providers

Life Cover

Ensuring the continued financial wellbeing of your family is your responsibility. In order to achieve peace of mind, Greengrass Wealth Management will help you to determine:

• How much life cover you require
• How your money will be dispensed to your family if you pass away
• Cash options available to your family while your estate is being tied up

What next?

Establish your needs
• Calculate the amount needed to finance your spouse until his or her retirement
• Calcualte the cost of looking after your child until their education is completed

Consider your options
• Complete only one request form from Greengrass
• Obtain a number of different quotes in minutes via email

Ask yourself the tough questions
• Have you explored all the options? Is this coverage enough?
• Make sure you’re completely comfortable with a product before buying it

Next Steps

Take note of red flags, including questions and concerns, as details do vary
greatly even among policies designed to achieve the same outcomes.
Make regular reviews of your life insurance needs as your life changes
(e.g. when you get married, divorced, or have children).

Disability Cover

When it comes to disability cover, there are two major types of protection: lump sum and income protector. Greengrass Wealth Management can advise you on both, and provide quotes and information on various cash back incentives.

Useful TipTake whatever steps you can to improve your physical health. The healthier you are, the lower your risk class, which means lower premiums.

Lump Sum

Disability cover pays a lump sum should you become disabled due to accident or illness and be unable to work. The assessment of your claim will consider the stage of disability and how much money you are still able to generate, as well as whether the disability is permanent or temporary.

Be aware that certain conditions and exceptions may apply. Disability cover is available on both single and joint life bases, each with its own benefits. For instance, a claim by one beneficiary does not affect claims made by alternative beneficiaries.

Useful TipWhen conducting a Financial Needs Analysis with your advisor, always remember to consider the major lifestyle changes that may result from a disability

Income Protection

Income protection offers you the peace of mind that you will not experience cash flow problems if you become ill or disabled and cannot work. Maintaining your monthly income for the benefit of your dependents is essential to uphold your standard of living. You may also need to cover day-to-day expenses, which are likely to increase if you’re injured or sick.


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