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Making work optional for our clients.

Full-service wealth management & investment firm.
Greengrass Wealth Management is a full-service wealth management and investment firm with the expertise to grow your wealth and ensure your long-term prosperity.

In today’s volatile world it can be difficult to know where to invest your money to achieve stable returns. What if you could access personal and corporate wealth management, from the people with the expertise to help you to make those crucial investment decisions?

Our company creates wealth plans and investment strategies attuned to your precise needs and circumstances. Greengrass Wealth Management will enable you to achieve the genuine financial freedom you deserve.
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My first introduction to Liron was as a guest on his evening talk show on Chai-fm. As a radio talk show host, I can confidently say he's one of the best I've met, because he made me feel so comfortable as a guest on the show by being sincerely 'engaged' in the discussion and REALLY listening to what I had to share... rather than shuffling through notes or focusing on what he wanted to say next. I valued working with Liron a few times on the show and getting to know more about his passion and expertise in the financial planning arena.

Gary Wilde

International Business and Executive Coach, Mentor and Strategic Adviser. Veteran Turnaround Specialist