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Retirement Planning

A nest egg isn’t just for sitting on.

Most people dream of a retirement where they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

Most people dream of a retirement where they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work. However, many put off saving for their retirement until it’s too late. Research shows that 57% of retirees wish they had done more to save for their retirement when they were still earning.

The complexity and time required to build a sound retirement portfolio can be daunting, yet it need not be. Whatever your age or financial position, proper retirement planning is critical. And the sooner you start, the better.

Our Solution

Greengrass Wealth Management uses the most advanced diagnostic techniques

To ensure that your investments are catered to your retirement needs, we investigate the most applicable investment structures to protect your life savings, balancing risk with opportunity, and taking your unique goals into account. We also assist with tax optimisation and estate planning.

Our Solution
1. Advanced diagnostic techniques.
2. Investments are catered to your specific retirement needs.
3. Investment structures to protect your life savings.
4. Balancing risk with opportunity.
5. Tax optimisation.
6. Estate planning optimisation.
Our Approach

The Greengrass philosophy is one of holistic retirement planning.

We understand that financial preparation is only one element of retirement. We urge our clients to carefully consider the kind of life they’d like to live in during retirement, so that we can help them to make that dream a reality.

Greengrass offers these core services
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