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Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Ensure your dependents’ needs are provided for.

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Although it is a difficult subject to think about, we will all leave the world one day. However we have a responsibility to our loved ones to ensure that their financial stability is not compromised.

It is a myth that only the wealthy need estate planning. In fact, most people can benefit from proper succession planning. Greengrass Wealth Management can handle any estate planning process, no matter the size. If your estate is small, your plan needn’t be complicated. It could consist of a simple will and life insurance policy.

For larger estates, planning tends to be more complex, extending to a will, trusts, life insurance and tax exclusions. Our experienced financial advisors can assist with all the elements of estate and succession planning. A large part of the plan is deciding on how to distribute your property, money and other assets after your death in accordance with your wishes. You need to have your say in who receives what – whether it’s family, charities or other institutions.

Succession Planning
When consulting with clients on estate planning,
Greengrass follows a simple methodology:
Ensuring continued financial security for your family.
Property preservation and allocation to chosen beneficiaries.
Avoiding disputes with different parties.
Providing for the education of your children or grandchildren.
Enabling you to make charitable contributions.
Planning for the competent management of your property.
Reducing taxes.
Avoiding probate issues.
Planning for sufficient liquidity for the resolution of your estate.
Planning for the smooth transfer of ownership of businesses and other entities.
Greengrass offers these core services
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