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Investment Planning

The Greengrass way

Whether you’re looking to make your first investment, or wanting to protect your existing savings, Greeengrass Wealth Management will help you to find the best solution for your financial needs.

Greengrass Wealth Management is different to most financial planning practices.
We are our clients’ partners on their lifelong investment journey. We don’t do “off-the-shelf solutions”. Your plan is customised to your individual financial needs. Our consultants will structure a programme according to your specific investment horizons and appetite for risk.

We use 4 building blocks to
generate long-term investment plans:
1. Cash.
2. Preservation Fund.
3. Product Growth Funds.
4. Long Term Growth Funds.
These questions are likely to include:
1. What are my investment goals?
2. When will I need the money?
3. What level of risk am I comfortable taking?
4. How much money do I have available to invest?
5. How frequently can I invest?
6. What are the available investment choices?
Our investment approach is what sets us apart

We believe that a sound investment plan is possible only when you ask yourself and your advisor the right questions.

We report back on your portfolio performance on a quarterly basis, clearly illustrating growth and returns. This allows both the advisor and the client to determine if the plan is on track to achieving its long-term objectives.

It also enables changes to be made to the asset allocation or fund managers quickly and efficiently.

Greengrass offers these core services
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