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Our Philosophy

At Greengrass Wealth Management, we believe that anyone with the
right desire and discipline can achieve financial wellbeing.

We work closely with our clients to draw up detailed, highly personalised investment plans, while guiding, coaching and empowering them, ensuring they have the best possible chance of reaching their financial goals. The foundation of our wealth management philosophy is a holistic, integrated plan based on the client’s personal circumstances, resources and life goals, from which a tailor-made strategy is developed to achieve those stated goals.

Because we are independent, we can evaluate and analyse an array of products from different service providers, and offer you customised solutions. We stay abreast of investment trends and economic indicators, and are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to optimise your investments.

Our Process

Greengrass Wealth Management will help you take control of your financial future and get where you want to go with custom-crafted solutions tailored to your individual goals and requirements.

At Greengrass, we have the knowledge, the understanding and the experience to make financial decisions that will take you where you want to go. Our job is to plan, organise, implement, guide and administer your personal financial journey. In doing so, we can help you achieve a state of mind in which you feel financially secure, safe in the knowledge that your wealth and investments are in good hands and heading in the right direction. Because we take great pains to understand your specific financial needs and objectives, we are able to custom-design a unique investment plan to help you realise them.

Who We Are
For close to 17 years, Greengrass has helped countless clients lay the foundations for growth – as well as build on those foundations.

Liron Mazor is someone who understands what it takes to get from A to B, even when the distance is vast. A Certified Financial Planner, he built his wealth from scratch – first as an award-winning financial consultant at Discovery Holdings, and then, since 2005, as the founder and director of Greengrass Wealth Management.

Today, in addition to managing the investment portfolios of some of South Africa’s best and brightest business owners and start-up entrepreneurs, he works with hard-working company employees, retirees, and just about anyone looking for greater financial security and stability by means of sound investment principles.

And while he has built a successful business, he has retained his distinctive personal touch and appreciation for the unique investment requirements and objectives of the individual – qualities born of his own experience. With a remarkable track record of meeting targets – both his own and his client’s – Liron Mazor has built a successful business while remaining grounded and true to the values he has always lived by.

The Greengrass Wealth Management value proposition encompasses eight principles:

What we do

Greengrass Wealth Management is a full-service wealth management and investment firm with the expertise to grow your wealth and ensure your long-term prosperity.

In today’s volatile world it can be difficult to know where to invest your money to achieve stable returns. What if you could access personal and corporate wealth management, from the people with the expertise to help you to make those crucial investment decisions? A company able to create wealth plans and investment strategies attuned to your precise needs and circumstances?Greengrass Wealth Management will enable you to achieve the genuine financial freedom you deserve.

The Greengrass Approach
Greengrass Wealth Management is a holistic financial planning practice that operates as a family office. Since 2005, we’ve helped our clients build a solid foundation for financial success – We can do the same for you.At Greengrass we go beyond the norm, with relentless attention-to-detail and regular reporting.

We focus on the following key aspects to assist you in the process:
Your specific investment needs and objective/s.
The composition of an appropriate investment solution (strategy and portfolio construction) to achieve your investment objective/s.
Disclosure of the relevant assumptions, terms and conditions of our solution.
Our service model.
Disclosure of all relevant fees.
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My first introduction to Liron was as a guest on his evening talk show on Chai-fm. As a radio talk show host, I can confidently say he's one of the best I've met, because he made me feel so comfortable as a guest on the show by being sincerely 'engaged' in the discussion and REALLY listening to what I had to share... rather than shuffling through notes or focusing on what he wanted to say next. I valued working with Liron a few times on the show and getting to know more about his passion and expertise in the financial planning arena.

Gary Wilde

International Business and Executive Coach, Mentor and Strategic Adviser. Veteran Turnaround Specialist
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